Corporate Disclosure Policy

The following Corporate Disclosure Policy (the "Policy") was adopted by the Disclosure Committee of the Board of Directors (the "Board") and the Board of Argentex Mining Corporation (the "Company").

I. Objective

The objective of the policy is to ensure that public disclosure of Company information is conducted in compliance with all applicable securities laws, regulations, rules, policies and guidelines. The objective is also to ensure that the Company's public disclosure is carried out in a manner that reflects well on the Company.

II. Applicability

This Policy applies to all directors, officers and employees and applicable contractors of the Company ("Company Associates").

III. Definitions

The following additional definitions are applicable to this Policy:

"Corporate Group" means the Company and each of its directly and indirectly controlled subsidiary companies, corporations, partnerships (limited or otherwise), LLCs and other similar organized legal entities.

"Material Information" means a Material Fact or Material Change. Please refer to the attached schedule for additional guidelines on what information may be considered Material Information.

"Material Change" means a change in the business, operations, assets or ownership of the Company that would reasonably be expected to have a significant effect on the market price or value of any of the securities of the Company and includes a decision to implement that change made by:

senior management of the Company who believe that confirmation of the decision
by the directors is probable; or
the directors of the Company.

"Material Fact" means a fact that significantly affects, or could reasonably be expected to significantly affect, the market price or value of the Company's securities.

"PR Person" means a party communicating with the public on behalf of the Company and includes, without limitation, the following:

the Chief Executive Officer of the Company;
the President of the Company;
the Chief Financial Officer of the Company; and
any other party associated with the Company that may be, from time to time,
designated by management as a PR Person to whom this Policy should apply.

IV. Who Can Communicate with the Investing Public?

The only people entitled to:

make public statements intended for investors or other members of the public
about the business and affairs of any member of the Corporate Group;
answer inquiries from investors or other members of the public on behalf of,
or about, the business and affairs of any member of the Corporate Group; or
undertake any other kind of investor relations activity of any kind whatsoever on
behalf of, or about, the business and affairs of any member of the Corporate Group;

are the PR Persons of the Company.

If the PR Persons of the Company are unavailable for any period of time, they shall ensure that alternate persons are available to respond to public inquiries.

V. Company Information to be kept Confidential by Non-PR Persons

All Company Associates that are not PR Persons may not respond to any investor relations inquiries or making any kind of public statements to investors or other members of the public. However, to the extent necessary to conduct the business of the Company, information may be disclosed to a third party, but only to the extent necessary and with as much obligation of confidentiality imposed on the third party as is possible in the circumstances.

It will be the responsibility of the CEO to ensure that all new Company Associates are made aware of the foregoing restriction.

In order to further protect the confidential information of the Company, the following practices should be observed:

the number of people with access to confidential information should be limited to a
need to know basis;
sensitive confidential documents should be locked up and code names used if
measures should be taken to ensure that confidential documents cannot be
accessed through technology such as shared servers;
confidential information should not be discussed where it can be overheard by
individuals without the need to know or by members of the public; and
selective disclosure to third parties should be avoided at all times, except as is
necessary to conduct the business of the Company.

VI. Communications with the Public by PR Persons

No PR Person will be entitled to disclose to any investor or member of the public any Material Information regarding the business and affairs of the Corporate Group unless such Material Information has first been publicly disclosed or unless such Material Information is disclosed to a third party in the necessary and ordinary course of business of the Company.

VII. Public Disclosure Record

The CEO, or such other person designated by the Board, will maintain an electronic or hard copy binder (for each calendar year) of all publicly disclosed or filed (with a stock exchange or securities regulatory authority) documents that form the public disclosure record for the Company. The information being disclosed by PR Persons through investor relations activities will be limited to the information contained in those materials, unless the information being disclosed is not material in which case it can go beyond what is contained in those materials, provided always that the information is true and accurate.

These binders will include, among other things, such thing as news releases, financial statements, letters to shareholders, etc. Alternatively, the binder can refer the reader to SEDAR and only contain such documents that form the public disclosure record that are not available on SEDAR, if any.

VIII. Filing and Public Disclosure of News Releases and Material Change Reports

The CEO, or such other person designated by the Board, will be responsible for issuing, disseminating and filing with the public, applicable stock exchange(s) and securities regulatory authorities, all of the Company's news releases and material change reports as required.

IX. Audit Committee Review

All financial information, including financial information extracted from quarterly or annual financial statements, may not be publicly disclosed until that information has been reviewed by the Company's audit committee.

X. Public Warnings

The CEO, or such other person designated by the Board, will be responsible to ensure that appropriate public warnings are contained in all of the Company's public disclosure, including in the Company's press releases and on the Company's website.

XI. Agreement to Comply

The Company may include a cross-reference to this Policy or the Company's policies generally in its employment and independent contractor agreements whereby the Company Associate will be asked to acknowledge and abide by this Policy or the Company's policies generally. Company Associates to whom this policy is applicable may further be asked to sign the Acknowledgment attached hereto and by executing the Acknowledgement, such Company Associates agree that this serves as an amendment to any employment agreement or independent contractor agreement that they have signed with any member of the Corporate Group. A copy of this Policy will be provided to each Company Associate signing the attached Acknowledgment or who has agreed in its employment or independent contractor agreement to abide by this Policy or the Company's policies generally.

XII. General

Nothing in this Policy in any way detracts from or limits any other obligations that Company Associates have in law or pursuant to a management, employment, consulting or other similar agreement with any member of the Corporate Group. This Policy is not necessarily exhaustive of these obligations and that it is the responsibility of each Company Associate to keep informed of and comply with all of its legal and contractual obligations.

XIII. Confidentiality

A copy of each Company Associate's Acknowledgement will be kept confidentially in the Company's files. The Policy will be kept confidential by the Company and the Company Associate.

XIV. Consequences of Failure to Comply

Failure to comply with this Policy may be grounds for termination or other disciplinary action.


The following is a non-exhaustive list of what information may be considered "Material Information":

any issuance of securities by way of statutory exemption or prospectus;
any changes in the beneficial ownership of the Company's securities that affects or is likely to affect the control of the Company;
any change of name, capital reorganization, merger or amalgamation;
a take-over bid, issuer bid or insider bid;
any significant acquisition or disposition of assets, property or joint venture interests;
any stock split, share consolidation, stock dividend, exchange, redemption or
other change in capital structure;
the borrowing or lending of a significant amount of funds or any mortgaging, hypothecating
or encumbering in any way of any of the Company's assets;
any acquisition or disposition of the Company's own securities;
the development of a new product or any development which affects the
Corporate Group's technology, products or markets;
significant discoveries, if the Company is involved in a natural resources industry;
the entering into or loss of a significant contract;
firm evidence of a significant increase or decrease in near-term earnings prospects;
a significant change in capital investment plans or corporate objectives;
a significant change in management of any member of the Corporate Group;
significant litigation;
a significant labour dispute or a dispute with a major contractor or supplier;
a material change in the business, operations or assets of the Corporate Group;
an event of default under a financing or other agreement;
a declaration or omission of dividends (either securities or cash); and
any oral or written agreement to enter into any management contract, investor
relations agreement, service agreement not in the normal course of business, or related party transaction.



FROM: The undersigned signatory (the "Company Associate")


The undersigned Company Associate hereby acknowledges to and agrees with the Company that:
he, she or it has been advised that the Company is a public company and, as such,
the Company wishes to ensure that there is no disclosure of Company information
that is not in compliance with all applicable securities and stock exchange laws,
rules and regulations;
the Company has implemented a Corporate Disclosure Policy to address the matter
referred to in paragraph 1 above and the Company requires that all directors, officers
and employees be apprised of its Corporate
Disclosure Policy and agree to abide by it;
the Company Associate has been given a copy of the Company's Corporate Disclosure Policy and has read it, understood it and agrees to abide by it; and
if the Company Associate is party to an employment agreement or independent
contractor agreement with the Company or any of its wholly-owned or controlled
subsidiary companies, corporations, partnerships (limited or otherwise), LLCs or other
similar legal entities, then the Company Associate acknowledges and agrees
that such agreement is hereby amended by the Corporate Disclosure Policy.

Dated this ____ day of _________________, 200*.

SIGNED, SEALED and DELIVERED by the Company Associate:

Signature of Company Associate

Name of Company Associate